The European Top 44 Chart Show 

The ultimate weekly guide to Europe's most played hits

Free for your radio station

In the basic version, the show is free of charge

Based on the real airplay data

Our own platform gathers the airplay data since 2007

Custom options for different countries

Top 20, 30 or Top 44 show versions in any language

Engages your listeners

The hottest tracks across Europe for the maximum impact

The European Top 44 is a 2 to 4 hour weekly chart show, playing the most popular hits in Europe. The chart is our own, calculated on the "now playing" information published on radio stations websites and streaming metadata. Our chart calculation is automated and based on a formula that takes into account the size of the station's market and its impact on the European listeners. The project website is here.

We are now offering you the opportunity to co-produce our chart show into your language free of charge*, giving your listeners a unique and comprehensive insight into the most popular music across Europe, with the local host.  If you're a radio station owner looking to improve your music schedule and ratings, consider adding The European Top 44 Chart Show to your programming.

(*The rights to use the ET44 Airplay Chart to produce your local version of the chart show are granted for free to the single-frequency radio stations, except if someone has already acquired the rights to produce the local version for the entire country)

For a small fee, you can boost the show with the official ET44 imaging, and/or the weekly production elements (the chart reviews, power intros, promotional spots, and so on).

Contact us for more information on how to join the European Top 44 Airplay Chart network! To explore the airplay data yourself, feel free to visit the European Top 44 website.